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Pro-Palestine Protestors say they’ll “stamp on Lee Rigby’s grave” then assault a woman nearby.

Pro-Palestine protestors have added to the list of contemptible actions by disrespecting British Hero Lee Rigby.

Pro-Palestine Protestors have been recorded questioning who Lee Rigby is, then proceeding to state “no one cares about him” and then stating, they’ll “stamp on Lee Rigby’s grave”. This outrageous comment prompted anger from a woman nearby who voiced her concern with expletive language, resulting in a violent response from the Pro-Palestine protestors.

The Point News was able to obtain the footage and the recorded video can be found below:

In recent days, Palestinian protestors have been found performing a wide variety of abhorrent and sometimes illegal acts. There has also been spikes in anti-Semitic attacks across the globe following the Israeli-Palestine conflict whereby Israel defended itself from terrorists.

The left’s misinformation strategies have worked once again and public opinion was against Israel. Lumping being pro-Israel in with all of the other evils in the world, the left were out in force across the UK with marches, protests and in some cases vandalism and mob behaviour. It was already clear their motives were not for human rights or the end of the oppression of the Palestinian people, as their anger would be directed towards dictators and terrorists, but they were rampaging for the sake of rampaging creating a new line of attack against the right.

In many cases it exposed the vile antisemitism within the left, and their utter disregard for British heroes such as Lee Rigby, proving them to care for no one but themselves and their own woke world.

Where are the arrests? Where is the accountability? Has it gone so far that woke has spread into the core of the British government and its main institutions? If it has, why hasn’t our Conservative government done anything? Perhaps the Conservative party has been relegated to large “C” conservative only. For the people who respect British heroes like Lee Rigby, and for others who defend our freedoms and the Britain we love, this is an issue not to be taken lightly.