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The Victim Has Now Become The Oppressor

Image in courtesy of Gayatri Malhotra

Victim mentalities are toxic and regressive. To call yourself a victim is to admit you are less than and to play into the racist games of the far gone left.

I do not understand the obsession with being a victim. I never understood why representation mattered so much, all I care about is quality and accuracy if necessary. I do not need to see myself on screen, I guess I only cared if a character resonated with me. But then again, I said ‘that’s me’ to a character who had a completely different personality to me and looked nothing like me. But sure, people are different and if representation helps them feel less lonely then why not?

Does it matter if the Little Mermaid is Black? Halle Bailey is playing Ariel in the new Little Mermaid live-action movie and the whole world is divided whether or not this is ok.

Image in courtesy of K. Mitch Hodge Hire

I at first didn’t like it as I don’t like original movies being completely altered like I hate movies based on books that were originally set in Britain but changed to be set in the US. 

However, I recognise that it’s a fictional story and yet we all know that Black people world wide would boycott Disney if Tiana was anything but Black.

This may seem trivial but with ‘victims’ there’s a slippery slope that they’re leading us on, so much so that we have history being rewritten for the sake of representation, indoctrination and wokeness. 

One thing I won’t ever get is the desire to remain victims. Are you really a victim in a first world country? I don’t feel sorry for celebrities who claim to be victims for their skin colours, gender, size or sexuality. I do feel sorry for celebrities because most of them have to believe in lies to avoid being cancelled. 

People love being oppressed. I just don’t like engaging with people who have victim-mentalities.

Maybe I’m selfish but I don’t see the world in Black and White. I also recognise that human concepts of ‘race’ are so divisive. Racism exists and for now we won’t eradicate it but we won’t make the world better by being disillusioned.

Do you think you’re a victim? You might have had moments of being a victim but it’s very unlikely that your whole life is about being a victim.

Whenever I used to complain about life my mama would annoyingly respond ‘you’ve got an arm, a leg, good health and there are people around the world with none of these.’

I feel embarrassed about my behaviour as there are people with less who are full, not once complaining for their circumstance.

Getting back to the victims, I will divide this article to cover the four major victims in the world: the lgbt (those involved in pride), BLM,the fat acceptance movement and the radical feminists.

  1. The Lgbt

Starting with the LGBT, they are known for prioritising ‘my truth’ over the truth. I remember going to a Parliament debate in June over ‘banning trans conversion therapy’ and I truly believe all they accomplished was speaking loudly. The law states that conversion therapy in terms of coercive rape, electric shock or any type of therapy that is abusive and offers no consent is illegal. They kept justifying their debate by stating what christians want is ‘witchcraft’ as therapy (the language is ironic as christianity opposes witchcraft). Therefore, since the law covers everything they were arguing against their actual goal was to end talking therapy , counselling and prayer.

These MPs argued that you can’t consent to your own abuse and yet what they ignore is that there’s a rise of detransitioners, who realised that when they weren’t trans how destructive the lgbt community is.

And because of the tyrannical reign of the lgbt community those struggling with gender dysphoria are offered surgical operations over therapy . And for the brave few publicly sharing their journey detransitioning, they are bullied and ignored by many in the lgbt community.

The lgbt community is supposed to be an oppressed minority group but according to data from last year, 1 in 6 identify as LGBT in America.

Out of all the ‘oppressed’ groups the LGBT is the reigning monarch with their own parade every June and even a weekend in September. 

The LGBT love to take up space but I wish Pride wasn’t about being naked and sexual in front of children.

I wish children were banned from participating in Pride as Pride isn’t Disneyland,Pride is rated R.

There are numerous examples of the lgbt community using their victim card, the main being pride and enforcing pride in schools , especially those with young children but for the purpose of this article, we shall move on to the BLM.

  1. BLM

Black Lives Matter is a political movement that gained prominence in the pandemic. The irony is that those involved in the moment claim that it has been the target of disinformation when the movement itself is lying to its supporters. One of the main lies being that conservatives do not care for Black people.  If Black lives matters so much then why does the movement support Roe vs Wade then why do they support and fund planned parenthood?

Planned Parenthood has never been for Black people. Margaret Sanger , the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a known racist and even though the group denounced her beliefs it is despicable that planned parenthood exists as they’re proud of their origins even giving out a Margaret Sanger Award yearly.

The problem with BLM is that though they have good sentiments they are not rooted in facts, they are in delusion as their whole cause is about forcing victimhood in Black people and so it’s not surprising that they support the fascist group Planned Parenthood so they cannot escape being the victim.

But has the victim become the oppressor? 

The victim only cares about himself.

The victim may benefit from affirmative action. The victim might be relatively privileged living in the West but will not acknowledge that not everything is about your race, not everything is subconscious bias.

Still, I do feel like BLM is trivialising the racism experienced by Black People. Racism will always exist as long as race does, but we are not eradicating it, especially not through BLM. BLM uses racism to fund their mansions, The co-founder of BLM Patrisse Cullors is worth $5 million and I truly find it disgusting that these activists are using donations to become wealthy.

How can we support a corrupt organisation that steals from the very people they are keen to fight for?

  1. The Fat Acceptance movement

It started with the body positivity movement which initially had good intentions of teaching people to love their own bodies but has now become quite a toxic sphere. Body positivity, body neutrality and fat acceptance have become about shaming people who want to lose weight and take medical advice as harassment.

Fat activists use their hatred for the BMI as an excuse to not live healthy lifestyles. They call trying to not overeat as part of the toxic diet culture. Plenty of them even claim that the movement started by Black people and yet this movement is now dominated by white females in America. The issue is not necessarily with the origins or the motives, it’s the comparison to racism. 

Fatphobia is not and will never be oppression.

Being fat is a choice but you can’t choose who you are, where you’ve come from, your skin colour, your height etc but you can lose weight.

It is bigotry to even compare something that you can change with something fixed, unchangeable and forever.

I have watched a lot of fat acceptance videos and what I’ve concluded is that it is quite like a cult and that most involved are delusional. They claim to be kind souls but seem to hate skinny people.

I am all for reclaiming fat is a non-offensive word but I can’t support the crazy train that views being obese as a disability. No, you choose (for the most part) to be fat and you are not oppressed.

Several ‘super-fats’ like to blame skinny people for all their problems. Don’t get it twisted fashion can be toxic to all body types but it seems that this movement is currently all about hating weight loss and hating skinny people.

If speaking the truth makes me fatphobic then I’ll be happy to be called it but I would like to say that health at every size doesn’t exist.

Tess Holliday, body positivity queen, paved the way for the modern fat acceptance movement as she appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in 2018.

Fat acceptance is insane, suddenly I’m fatphobic and privileged for being ‘straight-sized’ and wanting to stay fit.

I wish body positivity was about accepting your skin with its scars, spots, acne, whatever it may be but not about celebrating obesity.

  1. Radical Feminism

Radical feminism is the type of feminism that destroys women by removing their rights to choice. You see, feminists will pride themselves at being pro choice but will judge you for wanting to marry young and have children young.

The worst thing you could say to a radical feminist is that you want to be a housewife. When I was younger I desired to be a wife but thought being a stay at home mom would be so boring but that was only because I was surrounded by working moms. I was discouraged to marry young and to not even date until I had completed my studies. We have been indoctrinated by feminists.

According to science, we are the most fertile in our twenties and so why are we waiting longer and longer to have children?

On the other hand, I am not trying to convince anyone when to have kids or even to have kids but I will never support the idea that a)men and women are the same b)every woman needs to work c)trans woman are woman and that they understand what it means to be a woman d) that I am a victim just because I was born a woman.

Men and women each have their own curse, part of being a woman is having periods and children if you want to and when I’m ready I’ll gladly take that responsibility. I am a conservatively minded woman but I am not against liberal women and their choices.

As a woman and non-victim I won’t play pretend; I won’t boost egos by validating the insanity of these supposedly oppressed groups.

This article just gives a quick overview of the main movements that have a victim mentality but I’ll definitely further explore all four areas in detail, you can think of this article as more of an intro.

To conclude, you can’t bully people into accepting your truth. Subjective truth won’t get you anywhere and just because you’ve got the loudest voice doesn’t mean you’re actually doing anything.

I’m so tired of meaningless protests and Tiktok videos that express the self absorption and vanity of the fallen generations.

We are in a cultural war which has been instigated by the radical left who want to fail our children and destroy our families.

We cannot just sit and let the extreme left get away with their evils.

They want to silence you and take your children away from you.

Please speak up, stay educated and do not believe the lies by the anti-free speech lobbyists, the radical left who will always protect their own.