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Sturgeon Tantrum As UK Takes Back Fisheries Control

As Boris signs a new free trade agreement with the European Union after almost 5 years, the First Minister of Scotland has vowed to rejoin the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy though a 12 point plan.

Britain’s new Brexit Trade Deal with the EU, will change the EU’s ability it fish in the UK’s sovereign waters over a period of five and a half years.

According to EU documents about the deal, The current agreement around fishing will remain the same. This will reduce over time and according to the deal 25 percent of the EU fishing quota will be returned to the UK by June 2026.

This will mean British boats will receive an additional £145m in fish per year.

The agreement will mean future annual meetings will take place over areas such as fishery management, fishing access and conserving recourses.

However Scotland’s First minister Nicola Sturgeon is furious with the deal claiming “The Tories have sold out Scottish fishing all over again”.

She later attacked the Tories again saying “Promises they knew couldn’t be delivered, duly broken”, with many opponents criticizing her statement as hypocritical and gaslighting.

(1) Nicola Sturgeon on Twitter: “The fact that many predicted it, doesn’t make it any less galling. The Tories have sold out Scottish fishing all over again. Promises they knew couldn’t be delivered, duly broken.” / Twitter

Mrs. Sturgeon declared they would reenter the EU Common Fisheries Policy, unveiling a 12 point plan.

The strategy will allows a “robust” control over the management of licensing to both domestic and foreign fishing vessels in Scottish waters.

The devolved government also wishes to boost their quota management processes and develop a new policy for catching fish.

Nicola Sturgeon then attempted to humiliate and undermine the British Government and PM in a statement to the EU.

She said “My message to everyone from the EU who lives and works here remains this: Scotland is your home, you are our family, and we’d be privileged if you would stay here with us.

“We are drawing close to the end of the Brexit transition period, and the end of a year in which we have together faced the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In these times of uncertainty and disruption, I would like to once again re-assure EU citizens that Scotland values you for the contribution you make to our society, our culture and our economy.

“While I don’t agree that you should have to go through an application process to secure rights that you should automatically have, I do want to ensure that you are able to stay in Scotland.”