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Do White Lives Matter?

In article image courtesy of Artem Podrez

White Lives Matter, a supposedly supremacist phrase, is triggering the radicalised left, who support BLM despite the group committing fraud, but refuse to believe in other narratives. Candace Owens and Kanye West fight against the lies of institutionalised racism by simply wearing sweatshirts.

On October 3rd Kanye West wore a White Lives Matter at his fashion show for Paris fashion week.

But why was this so controversial?

White Lives Matter is considered by the masses to be a racist response to Black Lives Matter.

Do white lives matter? The obvious answer is yes and so a more important question is do facts matter?

The fact is Black people in the UK are three times as likely to be arrested as white people. But is this racism or is it because Black people are more likely to be involved in crime?

According to government data from April 2018 to March 2021, the average homicide rate per million population by the victim’s ethnic appearance was 50.5 for Black people compared to 8.5 for white people. 

Therefore, Black on Black crime is one of the most prevalent types of crime.

It is not systemic racism that is the cause of death; it is a system that abuses the victims to make a movement of Black squares without actually changing the corrupt world we live in.

You cannot resolve the issues of inequalities and deprivation with your signs. Black Lives Matter believes they are informing but they are actually creating a world of race-obsessed people who are fueled by emotions not by facts.

The fact is racism is real and it exists but we cannot pretend to support marxist movements when all they do is fill up the bank accounts of the self-absorbed.

What we need to do is realise that the real enemy is the radicalised left. The left believes they are knowledgeable because they are university educated but they have no idea what a woman is.

They have gone too far and yet all they do in their spare time is take offence.

Kanye West was bold to wear his White Lives Matter shirt in public.

The message is clear : white lives matter too, BLM is a scam, Black people don’t need to be victims and they do not need a white saviour.

The White Lives Matter shirt  is a great message for disillusioned black people but also for white women who wish to be the spokespeople for everyone.

I was speaking to my partner about this a while ago and made a comment that the major adversary of the white man is the white woman.

White women wish to continue processes of racism and oppression by making themselves the white saviour. I am always slightly amused that they don’t realise that they’re perpetuating white saviourism. The truth is white women in general are very deceived; born to be feminists, they advocate from birth.

Some of the educated White women will realise that feminism has racism roots and the suffragettes that we praise were murders often killing people for their cause. Today, feminists are committed to fulfilling the agendas of their foremothers-crime,delusion and ill-will.

We have been deceived to believe that racism is the reason for all injustice, when it’s not that Black and White.

The truth is the agenda is division- you cannot solve racism with racism.

Affirmative action is not the way.

Being silent on BLM will not make the world a better place.

BLM supporters and activists tend to make their money by finding racism in everything but remember their own truth ‘Black people can’t be racist.’

Oh yes- because of institutional racism BIPOC people cannot be racist. But remember this, the new racism we are talking about that was influenced by the trans-atlantic slave trade was created by Africans. Africa like the Middle East and the West has kept slaves for 1000 years.

I know radicalised left wants a race war but we can’t give it to them.

I am not going to pretend that racism can’t be experienced by white people when South Africa is such a dangerous place for white people. Race-obsessed South Africa is a dangerous place for anyone no matter your ethnicity but especially if you are white or a foreigner.

When you become race-obsessed you lose the plot. You end up becoming like Lizzo, who now claims that she’s ‘not making music for white people.’

I completely understand having an intended audience but you shouldn’t go as far as alienating your fans.

She talks about ‘the Black experience’ as if every person of African descent is the same. I do despise homogenisation even though I’m one to make generalisations just to make a point.

But what does Lizzo know about the Black experience?

She knows about being a fat acceptance influencer, she knows about being a very rich and yet controversial figure. I know Lizzo is trying to be relatable (to her audience) but she’s anything but.

Maybe she’s relatable to the delusional, to the ones that bought the lies, to the ones that hate Kanye West.

Kanye West isn’t loved by Lizzo for his recent ‘fat-phobic’ comments that the media wants to keep Lizzo unhealthy.

I would have to agree with Kanye but would add that people like Lizzo are also unhealthy in the mind because they are fed lies and publicly support awful organisations that promote death.

Have you been fed lies?

Do you feel like you constantly need to apologise for being White?

As for the non-whites, are you tired of being perceived as the victim?

Do White lives matter?

If you say yes then do not support BLM. To know more about why you shouldn’t support BLM click here.